Spring Tour 2012

It’s back on the road for a string of shows in Florida.  We had a wonderful time spending St. Patrick’s Day weekend at The Green Parrot in Key West.  After zig zagging across the sunshine state, we’ll finish the up the tour at The Great Atlantic Music Festival on Jacksonville Beach next saturday, March 24th.  We had a beautiful week off in Charleston.  This unusually early spring has brought the azaleas out, and I even saw a little wisteria blooming yesterday!  Springtime means festival season has begun, and we’re excited to have lots of festivals on the schedule over the next few months.  Crawfish Festival in New Orleans, Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta, Houston International Festival, Blue Plum Festival, French Broad River Festival, River Rocks Festival, and Chatooga River Festival to name a phew…

We also very excited to announce that 180 people pitched in and helped us reach our Underdog album fundraising goal.  The album is back from mastering, and we’re working on getting the artwork together, and figuring out our diabolical marketing plan for this project.  We’ll be releasing a sneak preview soon…  We’re excited to have made a video for our new song “One More Day.”  This song features guest vocalist Elise Testone (currently on American Idol!), and tells the story of our “extra day” on tour in the Virgin Islands last year.  Watch American Idol next wednesday and vote for Elise!  As far as a release date for Underdog goes, well…  we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

We’re also going to be making a music video for Rusty’s song, “Guest List.”  We need extras!  If you’d like to be in the video shoot, April 12 in Charleston, SC, send an email to ramblingjoel@yahoo.com, subject “Guest List Video.”


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